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Contour 11

此案为业主三代同堂的居住环境,业主希望藉由这次的空间设计让长大的小朋友和父母拥有自己的空间, 並整理出更适合的生活规划。

神台也是这次设计中的重点,玄关处因风水考量使用圆弧状墙体让空间连贯,从入口处往内看,利用深灰色框架使视线焦点集中于神台,从而界定神台领域,另一侧则结合了收纳厨, 方便屋主进出时的收纳需求。



This case is a living environment where three generations of the owner live under one roof. The owner hopes that through this space design, children who have grown up and parents can have their own space and also sort out a more suitable life plan.

The altar is also a main design of this project, using an arcshaped wall to make the space coherent due to feng shui considerations. From the entrance, using a eye catching dark gray frame to have a effect of attention on the altar, thus defining the altar area. The right side of altar is combined with a large storage cabinet to facilitate the storage needs of the owner when entering and leaving the house.

The overall style is set with simple black, white and grey, with a wood ceiling to define living, dining and dry kitchen area.

The use of permeable architectural treatment, eliminating excess walls, allowing natural light to divide and render the space, gives the space more vitality and texture.

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