Cantilever 24


2885 sqft

modern minimalist







Home of Light and Shadow: A Spatial Rebirth

In the bustling rhythm of city life, a first-time homebuyer and investor, along with his young son, sought a home that not only reflected their unique taste but was also brimming with practicality. Their vision extended beyond the mere need for shelter; they aspired to create a space that could harbor future family memories, celebrate festivities, and host friendly gatherings.

Faced with a double-story townhouse bearing the marks of time, the challenge was significant. Due to its age and lack of upkeep, the initial structure was cramped, particularly the first floor's column and beam layout, which felt oppressive and devoid of natural light. Through careful design and transformation, these apparent flaws were ingeniously converted. The visual effect of the ceiling and columns was optimized, addressing the issue of spatial oppression, and by incorporating additional windows and materials that reflect natural light, the entire home was filled with sunshine and a sense of liveliness.

To meet the homeowner's specific spatial requirements, the master bedroom was designed with three distinct areas: a spacious sleeping area, a fully equipped walk-in closet, and a sufficiently large bathroom. This layout not only ensured the homeowner's comfort and privacy but also provided ample storage space, embodying the minimalist style's pursuit of practicality.

The choice of location was driven by the desire for quality education for the child and the convenience of the wife's workplace, highlighting the family's high regard for the quality of life. The design transformed this home into more than just a living space; it became a platform supporting the family members in their pursuit of a higher quality of life.

After meticulous design and renovation, the home not only met the homeowner's spatial expectations but also became a stage that could accommodate a wider range of life scenarios and activities. Whether it was family gatherings or festive celebrations, it became a place to create warm and beautiful memories.

The success of this project not only demonstrated the design team's professional capabilities and deep understanding of client needs but also created a dream home for the homeowner, becoming an indispensable part of their life.