Reminiscing of Carved


2239 sqft

modern classic

The concept for this project is Reminiscing of Carved. Imbedded into the essence of the design was a want to celebrate retro and trim, rough and smooth, contrast and muted. The result was a contemporary composition in response with the grace of Eco Majestic township.

The space feature classical architecture details like wall beading, fluted surface, ceiling cornice & Corinthian like pilaster and arch. These elements add a touch of grandeur and sophistication to the space, incorporating shadow gap all around creating a timeless yet elegant look.

In overall, the materials are simple and fundamental materials, like timber, spray paint, and marble slab, to achieve a subdued appearance. Custom-made arch glass door separate the wet area from the open area, offering a preternatural sensation.

Since the patterned tiles is very varied and with intense colors, it was decided to give it maximum prominence. Therefore, the walls & built-ins are completely in ash white, with antique cabinet handle as contrasting elements.