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Muse Design Award- Coherence 216

Coherent 216, interaction and harmony – those were the key design pillars designer adhered to when designing this residence. This project focuses on achieving harmony between newlyweds and their pets, as well as between space and nature. Located near a large forest, this highlights the newlywed couple’s amphibious affinity for modern urban living and closeness to nature.

The 6 Best Interior Design Firms in Kuala Lumpur

Whether it’s your home or your business office—these places are your sanctuaries. They must be however you want them to be. It takes time and creativity to come up with concepts that represent you. Fortunately, we have a list of the best interior design firms in Kuala Lumpur you can contact today.

The 15 Best Renovation Contractors in Malaysia

Finding the right renovation contractor to help you enhance your spaces can be a challenging task. You have to consider a lot of things like their pricing, quality of work, reputation, and so on. Let us lighten your load by presenting you with the right options. In this article, we have cataloged the most trusted renovation contractors in Malaysia. Each company has strived to deliver quality services, putting them to the pedestal as the most reputable names in the country’s renovation industry.